Summer Bread and Fish

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  I staggered into our home, my arms heavy with fresh-bought food, my kids trailing behind. I kicked off my flipflops, stepped over toys, and shoved my load onto the crowded counter. Grass wafted in the windows and blew from … Continued

Mama Hearts

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I love Mother’s Day. I loved it even before I became a mom. I loved it even when my heart and hands had been empty for years, when I thought God had said a forever “no” to my prayers. I … Continued

When you Have to

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Gary walked in from work and found me, tired and red, sitting in the rocker with a sweaty toddler glued to my shirt.   “Hey, babe!” he kissed me. I tasted warm Pacific sea salt on his face.   “Did … Continued

Heaven Calling

Motherhood barged into my life when I was thirty-three. Like a large, brazen interior-designer, she barreled through the door and began telling me everything that had to change. This included my wardrobe, diet, routines, household décor, career path, aspirations, expectations, … Continued

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