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Memorial Day usually surprises me. It appears suddenly, squished among graduations, family birthdays, and the last day of school. We rarely plan for it. Instead, Gary snaps out of bed and says, “Honey! We gotta go!” We scramble to the … Continued

Mama Hearts

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I love Mother’s Day. I loved it even before I became a mom. I loved it even when my heart and hands had been empty for years, when I thought God had said a forever “no” to my prayers. I … Continued

When you Have to

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Gary walked in from work and found me, tired and red, sitting in the rocker with a sweaty toddler glued to my shirt.   “Hey, babe!” he kissed me. I tasted warm Pacific sea salt on his face.   “Did … Continued

Technical troubles

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This is not a real blog post! It is an apology to any of you who subscribe to the blog and who have been getting strange and numerous notifications of old or nonexistent blog posts. I am so sorry. I … Continued

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