Heaven Calling

Motherhood barged into my life when I was thirty-three. Like a large, brazen interior-designer, she barreled through the door and began telling me everything that had to change. This included my wardrobe, diet, routines, household décor, career path, aspirations, expectations, … Continued

Grace is when…

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I learned more about grace today. Grace is when… The kitchen is your canvass. You paint with raw, elegant elements and your artistry meets with approval everywhere. The simplest foods you create entice people from miles away. You are the … Continued

In other news…

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They finally came! After years of dreaming, typing, editing, re-working, submitting, rejections, wondering, dreaming, re-working, resubmitting, waiting, waiting, and waiting, five boxes of pre-release copies of 30,000 Teachers finally came! I was awfully excited. As this journey has moved from … Continued

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