30,000 teachers
30,000 Teachers
is based on the true story of a young woman whose disappointed romance propels her on a journey overseas. When her fiancé breaks off their relationship, Ann Birkeland decides impulsively to move to China and become an English teacher. As she grapples with the realities of living, working, and sharing her faith under a crumbling Communist regime, the culture, church, and social structures of the East come vibrantly to life. Through interwoven stories, 30,000 Teachers exposes realities of life outside the United States and invites the reader to co-live the challenges Ann and her students face, from exam-day jitters to racial discrimination, from comical friendships to the sacrificial passion of the underground church. This timely book demystifies the movement to teach English as mission, and, through humor and poignancy, encourages readers to live with God in their own precarious places of obedience.







What Are People Saying?


Wow!!! I just finished reading your book. It was amazing. I really enjoyed it. It was so informative, funny, compelling and challenging. I think it should be required reading for every young person. –Charlene T, Arizona


My book of the decade; a precious story beautifully written. –Roger T, United Kingdom


I just finished your book and let me tell you- it is God’s perfect timing. He is showing me things and helping me with personal struggles in my life through your writing. Thanks again for sharing. –Caroline M, California


Please tell them you’ve already gotten rave reviews from your readers! Fun, insightful, and encouraging! –Jamie T., Mexico


I laughed and cried as I tore through the pages; your love and light has inspired me! I encourage anyone who desires to teach abroad or engage in international missions work, or who simply would like to be inspired “to live with God in their own precarious places of obedience” to read this moving book. –Amanda C. –Florida


I just got my copy and I can’t put it down! It’s international, inspirational and perfect for all of us who love adventure and teaching globally. –Laura J. –Iowa 


Amazing stories! And so put into perspective how much we really have! –Candace H., Arizona


Faith’s writing is the real deal. Buy this book and thank me later! Faith’s not paying me to say this, and I’m not saying it because I like her and she’s a wonderful friend (both true). I’m saying it because you will love this book. GO BUY IT!!!!!! It will change your life! –Jennifer H, Georgia


I have just cracked open your book, and I’m already in love with it halfway through chapter one. Thank you for writing it! –Naomi S., Mississippi


I absolutely loved your book. It has continued to replay in my mind for weeks now since I’ve finished it. I will continue to recommend it highly. –Tana W, Hawaii


I have recently finished your astonishing book. I found it challenging, uplifting, and exciting.–Joy S., United Kingdom


I just finished your book, and I absolutely loved it. It was impossible to put down…I will have to read it again with a pencil in hand. 30,000 Teachers is definitely one of my favorite books of all time. –Abby B, Liberty University


Thank you very much for sharing your life on paper. It has touched me greatly, and allowed me to cry again. –Dave H, Arizona


Splendid piece of writing and thanks so much for your vulnerability and candor, taking on topics of inner searching and challenge.  Wow, I really loved it and appreciated all the effort you must have gone to, to compile and sew together such a beautiful narrative.  I was really encouraged to persevere in the walk of faith. –Rebecca H, United Kingdom


We recently began reading your book, and we have been loving it. We’ve begun making mental lists of all the people we would like to give it to…. We haven’t yet finished reading the book, as we’ve been reading it aloud in the evenings, but we thank God for you and your book on a regular basis! –Kea H, Alaska

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  1. Love this book! Since it’s a borrowed book, am trying to buy my own copy and can’t find one available. Will more be printed or will it become available as an ebook?

    • Thank you! We’re hoping to get a second edition signed with a different publishing house in 2018… If we can, it will be both e-copy and hard copy, and I’ll post about it here and also on Facebook. 🙂 Blessings! –Faith

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