AuthorWe are the Fitt Family. From left to right we are: Malachi, Faith, Gary, Jimmy, Erin, and Felicity. (Jimmy and Erin are kind of extended family, but we like them anyway). We like teaching and research. Most of us like traveling. Some of us like physics and astronomy (although most of us can barely understand it). We all like hospitality, generosity, great books, and tacos. We absolutely love our church.

Gary and I have been married for almost 9 years. At the moment we live in an old parsonage in Hawaii.

I (Faith) have worked as a teacher and teacher educator in the United States, China, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, and master’s degrees in English Composition, and English Teaching. I am slowly completing my PhD in Higher Education. I grew up on the mission field, and I like to use true stories like those in 30,000 Teachers to encourage Christians to listen to the heart of God and respond with courageous obedience.

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