415wlvCcrJL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_My research interests are centered on TESOL, national education in other countries, teacher development, and higher education. One of the papers I recently co-authored has been published in Experiences of Immigrant Professors: Challenges, Cross-cultural Differences, and Lessons for Success, an edited volume by Routledge that was featured in the October edition of Times Higher Education and in ReLocate Global. Another one was published in the Walailak Journal of Asian Studies, which is based in Thailand.


Currently my research focus is  on my doctoral dissertation, which is about Western Teachers Working in Higher Education in Asia. You can read an excerpt from my introduction here and see a cool slideshow about it here. If you would like to contact me about my research–especially if you are a potential participant in my research study, please email me at ThirtyThousandTeachers@gmail.com.


People sometimes ask me how I manage to be both a doctoral student and the mommy of two very small kids. The answer is God’s grace. However, humor, coffee, and not sleeping also help, as does The Dissertation Handbook for the Mommy of Small Children, which is a very helpful manual for how to be a doctoral student when you also are a mommy (My kids helped me write it. It’s not finished yet.)